Laurel Rose

Laurel Rose, owner of Golden Gate Dog Walking, is a certified dog walker. She received her certification at dog*tec’s respected Dog Walking Academy, the only training course of its kind in the States for professional dog walkers. Graduates of the course have mastered a curriculum that includes:


Pack management
Dog body language
Advanced recall training
Safety & fight protocols
Polite leash behavior
Trail etiquette
Best business practices
Canine first aid & CPR


Laurel is a 4th generation San Francisco native and a nature lover at her happiest when gardening or hiking. She left a 15-year career in teaching to pursue her dream of a job that allows her to get out and enjoy California’s stunning scenery every day. And, as she says, for anyone who has taken twenty kids on a field trip, walking dogs—however rambunctious—is easy.


When Laurel isn’t hiking through the tree groves with other people’s dogs, she spends time with her own, Shadow, a labrador mix adopted from the San Francisco SPCA.


Methods & Philosophy
In her interactions with dogs, Laurel uses only positive reinforcement dog training methods, based on canine behavioral science. That means using natural dog motivators like toys, treats, praise, and attention to elicit desired behavior. Dogs are never subjected to punishment, threats, yelling, or aversive techniques involving leashes or collars.